Kick Scraper Privacy Policy

EFFECTIVE DATE: March 20, 2024
As used in this "Privacy Policy", "Kick Scraper" refers to all websites (including, properties, and services owned or operated by Kick Scraper.

This Privacy Policy is part of Kick Scraper's Terms of Use and describes the privacy practices of Kick Scraper. It explains when and how Kick Scraper collects end user and client information, including Personally Identifiable Information (defined below), how we use such information, and the circumstances under which we may disclose such information to others. This Privacy Policy includes the policies that Kick Scraper observes for compliance with laws in the European Union as well as other applicable laws, including those followed regarding the transfer of Personally Identifiable Information from the European Economic Area ("EEA") and/or Switzerland to other countries under the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield, respectively.

By visiting the Kick Scraper website, visiting a Kick Scraper client website that provides notice of its use of Kick Scraper and/or this policy, or registering for our service, you acknowledge that you accept and consent to the practices outlined in this Privacy Policy.

What Types of User Information Does Kick Scraper Obtain?

Visitors to the Kick Scraper Website. If you are a visitor to the Kick Scraper website or a Kick Scraper client ("Client") who registers or signs into the Kick Scraper website (including for purposes of obtaining a free trial of Kick Scraper services), we may obtain the following types of information from you or concerning your computer or device ("Kick Scraper Client Information"), which may include information that can itself be used to identify and/or contact you ("Personally Identifiable Information"):
Email address
Phone number
Website name and URL
Credit card number
Billing address
Visitor site preferences

Kick Scraper may also receive certain information that may be provided by your browser or mobile device, including:
Browser information
Operating system information
Mobile device information (e.g., device identifier, mobile operating system, etc.)
IP address
Pages accessed
Time of visit
Time of last visit

Referring site, application, or service, including the relevant search queries that led you to Kick Scraper website Visitors to the Kick Scraper Blog. If you wish to access certain functions within the Kick Scraper Blog, such as posting comments or registering for webinars, we may ask you to provide information, including:
Email address
Your website

Visitors to Kick Scraper Clients' Websites. Our Clients may use customized and proprietary Kick Scraper code, software and/or services ("Service(s)") to obtain information regarding the activities that users engage in while visiting their web pages ("Client User Data"). When a user visits a website that uses Kick Scraper Service, Kick Scraper code contained on the website contacts Kick Scraper servers and enables Kick Scraper to collect Client User Data. Some Clients may also use their own code to obtain Client User Data and then send such information to Kick Scraper servers. Client User Data may include Personally Identifiable Information, including, but not limited to, the types of information listed for Kick Scraper Client Information above.

Client User Data is stored on Kick Scraper web servers and databases (including those hosted on third party servers on behalf of Kick Scraper) for use in performing analysis and producing reports for the applicable Kick Scraper Client. In addition, Kick Scraper itself uses the Kick Scraper Service in order to obtain insights into visitors' activities on its own websites, which include, as of the Effective Date,

Kick Scraper collection and analysis of Client User Data helps our Clients to evaluate and understand how their users are interacting with their websites, and potentially, to modify their websites in order to make them more valuable or useful for their users. Kick Scraper Clients determine the types of Client User Data that are sent to Kick Scraper servers for analysis. This data may include or be linked to Personally Identifiable Information depending on how the Client uses Kick Scraper Services on its website(s). Kick Scraper Clients are contractually prohibited from sending personally sensitive Client User Data (e.g. personal health information, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs) to Kick Scraper and Kick Scraper does not knowingly receive such data.

In addition, Kick Scraper may collect certain information about a Client's visitor's computer that may be provided by the visitor's browser. This includes browser information, operating system information, mobile device information, IP address, time of visit, and the referring site, application, or service. Such information may be collected and shared with the Kick Scraper Client even though not specifically requested by the Client.

How Do We Use This Information?

Visitors to the Kick Scraper Website. We use the Kick Scraper Client Information, including Personally Identifiable Information, to register your account, fulfill your requests, understand how you are engaging with Kick Scraper, communicate with you, determine if you are satisfied with the Service, process billing for Kick Scraper Services, and personalize your experience on the Kick Scraper website and with the Kick Scraper Service.

We may also use Kick Scraper User Information to facilitate the delivery of content or advertisements that we believe may be of interest to you, or to communicate with you about new or existing products and services or special offers. For more information on opting out of these communications, please see the section on "User Privacy Controls" below.

Visitors to the Kick Scraper Blog. We may use information you voluntarily provide when visiting the Kick Scraper blog to send you e-mail communications, such as information on upcoming webinars, and to understand how you are engaging with and perceive Kick Scraper Services. Visitors to Kick Scraper Clients' Websites. Except as described in the "Disclosure of Information to Third Parties" section below, Kick Scraper never sells or shares any Client User Data with individuals or companies other than the specific Client whose website transmitted the Client User Data to Kick Scraper.

Kick Scraper does not collect or aggregate information about end user behavior across multiple, different websites that are operated by different Clients, nor does it use any Client User Data for purposes of behavioral advertising.

However, Kick Scraper may analyze Client User Data in the aggregate for purposes of internal research and/or to determine overall trends or metrics concerning how users are engaging with websites, and may report such general trends publicly, without disclosing any Client User Data.

Our Client's Use of Kick Scraper. Kick Scraper contractually requires its Clients to abide by all applicable laws, rules and regulations, including Privacy Shield where it applies, as well as other applicable laws relating to privacy and data collection ("Applicable Laws"). Kick Scraper also contractually requires its Clients to obtain any necessary consents from visitors to its website(s) for the Client's use of Kick Scraper services, comply with all Applicable Laws (including, as an example, Privacy Shield where it applies) with respect to the transfer of Personally Identifiable Information of EU or Swiss subjects through the Service, and to post an online privacy policy that provides each visitor with clear notice of its practices regarding data collection, use, and disclosure (including the Client's use of Kick Scraper), along with a link to the Kick Scraper Privacy Policy and to the Kick Scraper Service Opt-Out (discussed below).

Kick Scraper cannot be held responsible for any Client's failure to make these disclosures on its website or for any Client's use or collection of Client User Data that is not permitted under this Privacy Policy or otherwise. For more details on the terms that apply to our Clients' use of the Kick Scraper Service, please see Section 4 ("Privacy") in the Kick Scraper Terms of Use.

Kick Scraper Use of Cookies and Web Beacons Cookies. Kick Scraper uses cookies (small text files that Kick Scraper stores locally on your computer) on our Client's websites for one or more of the following purposes: to help identify unique visitors and/or devices; assess usage patterns and perform traffic analysis; identify visitor preferences; conduct A/B testing; diagnose problems with our servers, and otherwise administer the Kick Scraper Service. Kick Scraper does not use methods such as browser cache, Flash cookies, or eTags, for acquiring or storing information about end users web browsing activity on Client websites or otherwise.

Depending on how our Clients use Kick Scraper Services, information contained in Kick Scraper cookies placed on the computers of end users may be linked to Personally Identifiable Information in Kick Scraper database. This allows our Clients to use the Kick Scraper Service to better analyze and understand their users' interactions with their website and to conduct the types of analysis described above in the section titled "Visitors to Kick Scraper Clients' Websites."

If you do not wish to have Kick Scraper place and use cookies on your computer, you should set your browser preferences to refuse all cookies before accessing Kick Scraper or other websites that may use Kick Scraper Services. Kick Scraper is not responsible for any failure by you or your browser to accurately implement or communicate your browser preferences or settings.

Please refer to the Kick Scraper Cookie Policy for more information on how Kick Scraper uses cookies and how you can control the use of cookies on your computer. If you would like more information on how to opt-out of tracking by Kick Scraper, please see the section on "User Privacy Controls" below.

Some Clients may also implement their own cookies and other tracking technologies, such as JavaScript code, web beacons and SDKs, to collect Client User Data on their websites, which may be used by itself or in conjunction with Client User Data gathered by Kick Scraper. In such instances, the Client is responsible for the use of these cookies or other technologies and Kick Scraper is not responsible for Clients' use of data gathered through these methods.

Web Beacons. Kick Scraper may also use web beacons (also known as web bugs, pixel tags or clear GIFs) on our Clients' websites and in email messages. A web beacon is a small transparent graphic image (usually just 1 pixel x 1 pixel) that is placed on a web page or in an email that is used to monitor activity on the page or to make the email message readable. Web beacons are used to help us analyze user behavior, deliver cookies, collect information, count visits, understand usage and ad campaign effectiveness, and to tell if an email has been opened and acted upon.

In addition, Kick Scraper uses web beacons on its websites and in emails to Kick Scraper Clients in order to understand how Clients are engaging with the Kick Scraper website and Kick Scraper marketing emails. Kick Scraper may also implement third party web beacons within the Kick Scraper Service in order to help gather non-personally identifiable information about Clients' use of the Service which is then used by Kick Scraper to trouble shoot and improve the Kick Scraper Service.

Disclosure of Information to Third Parties

Kick Scraper does not rent, sell or share Personally Identifiable Information with third parties, other than as described in this section.

Kick Scraper Clients. Kick Scraper may share Client User Data, including Personally Identifiable Information, with the applicable Kick Scraper Client whose website transmitted the information to Kick Scraper. Kick Scraper contractually requires that its Clients abide by Applicable Laws and that they not use Personally Identifiable Information collected via Kick Scraper for the purposes of advertising, marketing, or any other purpose other than for understanding how users are engaging with the Client's website or service. Kick Scraper Service Providers. Kick Scraper may employ third parties to perform Service-related services, including database management, maintenance services, analytics, marketing, data processing, and email and text message distribution. These third parties have access to Personally Identifiable Information only to perform these tasks on Kick Scraper's behalf.

Kick Scraper Business Partners and Resellers. Kick Scraper may share Kick Scraper Client Information, including Personally Identifiable Information, with business partners or authorized Kick Scraper resellers, who may use the information to contact you about Kick Scraper or their own services. Kick Scraper does not share Client User Data with these partners or resellers.

Compelled Disclosures. Kick Scraper may be required to disclose Personally Identifiable Information in response to lawful requests, such as subpoenas or court orders, or in compliance with Applicable Laws. Additionally, we may share account or other information when we believe it is necessary to comply with Applicable Laws, to protect our interests or property, to prevent fraud or other illegal activity perpetrated through the Kick Scraper Service or using the Kick Scraper name, or to prevent imminent harm. This may include sharing information with other companies, lawyers, agents or government agencies.

Corporate Restructuring. If Kick Scraper undergoes a merger, acquisition, reorganization, bankruptcy, or sale of all or a portion of its assets, Client and end user information may be shared or transferred, to the extent permissible under Applicable Laws. If that occurs, Kick Scraper will use reasonable efforts to require the new owner to follow the practices described in this Privacy Policy.

User Privacy Controls

Visitors to the Kick Scraper Website.If you do not wish to continue receiving email communications from Kick Scraper, you may indicate your preferences regarding email communications by taking one of the following actions:

Following the opt-out instructions located at the bottom of the emails sent by Kick Scraper;
Logging into your Kick Scraper account and updating your email preferences;
Contacting Kick Scraper via email using the contact information below.
Visitors to the Kick Scraper Blog. We provide you the ability to opt-out of receiving communications from the Kick Scraper blog by either 1) following the unsubscribe instructions located at the bottom of our emails, or 2) configuring your subscription preferences by logging into your or user account.

Please note that the Kick Scraper Service Opt-out only prevents Kick Scraper from setting its cookie on your browser. Other tracking technologies implemented by Clients themselves will continue to collect Client User Data, and, if you have removed or blocked cookies from your browser, or you are using a different browser or computer, Kick Scraper cookies may reset.

Therefore, if you wish to opt-out of all tracking, you should review the privacy disclosures on each Client's website and follow the opt-out instructions provided.

If you would like to opt-out of receiving communications from a Kick Scraper Client, please contact that Client directly.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may be amended from time to time. If we make material changes to this Privacy Policy, we will notify you by posting the revised policy on this page and providing a more prominent notice, or obtaining your prior consent where required by Applicable Law. Any such changes will be effective immediately upon being posted, unless otherwise stated or where your prior consent is required by Applicable Law.


If you have any questions about Kick Scraper's privacy practices or this Privacy Policy, please contact Kick Scraper by email at or by postal mail at:

Privacy Matters
Simul Sarker
Av. Rainha Dona Leonor 25,4d
1600-683 Lisboa, Portugal

In the event you have any complaints about Kick Scraper's privacy practices or you believe your privacy has been compromised, you may contact Kick Scraper's Chief Privacy and Security Officer by sending an email to detailing your concerns. Kick Scraper takes all complaints seriously and will diligently strive to resolve them in a timely manner.