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The Role of Web Scrapers

Training data
FineTune Data
Knowledge-base data

Unauthorized scraping is often used to gather vast datasets for training artificial intelligence models. This can result in AI systems that learn from and potentially replicate your unique content or business insights.

Bot Detection

Our sophisticated algorithms analyze user behavior and identify bot activities in real-time, taking immediate action to secure your website's content.

Human Analytic

By implementing our bot detection solution, we analyze genuine human traffic and provide you with a comprehensive analytics dashboard. This dashboard offers valuable insights, including user location, page views, page duration, and more, empowering you to make data-driven decisions and understand your audience better.


When our system detects a bad bot, we present a simple CAPTCHA challenge that only humans can solve easily. This approach ensures that legitimate users can seamlessly access your website without any significant inconvenience. Even if the CAPTCHA is visible to normal visitors, it is designed to be straightforward and user-friendly, minimizing any potential disruption to their browsing experience.

Scrapy Reporter

Our Scraper Reporter generates a report assessing your website's risk of content scraping. It provides insights into your site's vulnerabilities and allows you to test your defenses against our simulated scraping script, ensuring effective protection.

Kick Scraper: Human Insight, Bot-Free Analytics

Kick Scraper stands out by ensuring your analytics reflect the genuine interactions of people, not the misleading activities of bots.

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AI Scraper/Bot Detection

Human Visitor Verification

Traffic Filtering

(No bot filtering)

(No bot filtering)

(No bot filtering)

(No bot filtering)

Exclusive Human Traffic Data

(5%-15% false traffic data)

(5%-15% false traffic data)

(5%-15% false traffic data)

(5%-15% false traffic data)

CAPTCHA Challenges

In-depth Website Analytics

Real-time Data


User Behavior Analysis

Heatmap Observation


Custom Analytics

Content Protection

Block Country Specific traffic

Scraper Reporter
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